Happy Planner Mini Review +Free Printable Tab Dividers

happy planner

Hi guys!  I have a confession to make. . . I have a notebook addiction.  There are so many notebooks, planner systems, bullet journal systems out there, and 
I have tried them all.  They have all fallen short for one reason or another, but I just can’t stop myself!  My latest attempt is a Happy Planner Mini by Me and My Big Ideas.  I got mine at my local Joann store, but everything is available on Amazon too.

happy planner
Not a single one has more than 10 pages used

Lets back this up a bit and define my dream notebook/planner:

  1.  Purse sized.  And unlike some of you ladies, I don’t carry a fashionable duffel bag, so that means 8″ x 5″ or less.
  2. Removable pages.  I want to get rid of notes that aren’t relevant, and group similar things together regardless of when I add them.
  3. Easily add custom pages/inserts.  I want to be able to tailor it to MY life.
  4. Lays flat

The Happy Planner Mini is flipping magic.  Like unicorns farting butterflies magic.

happy planner
Graph paper pages, three covers, punch for making my own pages, discs, and bonus washi tape because….washi tape.

They do sell planners already assembled, but the whole system is super modular, so I opted to buy parts and assemble my own. The key to customization is the paper punch. You can stick anything you want in this thing as long as you have the punch. Want to print your own planner pages? Want to make a sketchbook with watercolor paper? Kraft Paper? Cut the paper down to size, punch it, and go.

Thanks to Joann coupons, I got it all for the cost of just the paper punch, which is seriously beefy by the way. Look at this thing.

happy planner review

After assembly, the whole thing is only 5.5″ x 6.75″ including the discs. I have added tabbed dividers with custom pages for blog planning (thank you paper punch!), and the pages are SUPER easy to move from one section to another. This thing ticks every box on my list plus a bonus . . . not only does it lay flat, it folds all the way back on itself.

I think I’m in love <3

Happy Planner Mini – Free Printable Dividers!

free printable dividers
  • You’ll want to print ’em on cardstock for sturdiness. 
  • Cut inside the lines;  they’re sized so that you can cut the lines off entirely and have nice clean edges with no marks. 
  • Use your super awesome paper punch.
  • Start dividing.

I used kraft paper cardstock with washi tape on the tab parts of mine….because washi tape.

I’d love to see what you do with these!  Find me on all the social medias and show me!

Have fun!

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