Vintage Newspaper Ephemera +Free Printables!

Thanks to the Library of Congress Chronicling America, we have easy access to over 13 million pages of historic newspapers.  I first discovered the Chronicling America site while working on genealogy, but kept getting sidetracked by the images and ads.  There are so many cool things that could be done with them!  From coloring pages and collage to gallery walls.  

What on earth is this???  It was part of an ad for boy’s suits….why the creepy chickens??

Free Printables!


All of these newspapers and images are part of the public domain.  However, I have done some of the work for you and curated image collections of both lovely ladies (11 images) and ships (13 images).  All I ask in return is that you sign up for my weekly newsletter.  After entering your email address, you will be redirected to a thank you page that has access to my Google Drive with all of the files I have available for download!

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